We do not list businesses rather we represent them. We work 1-on-1 with our Business Seller clients protecting confidentiality at all times.


We qualify all buyers by experience, liquidity and credit. We can also assist business buyers getting financing and to the closing table.


We always provide complimentary Business Valuations using valuation formulas used by lenders. We almost always come in higher than expected.


We never charge upfront fees preferring to earn our fee by getting you paid. Our success fee is based on the situation and the selling price.

The most advanced brokerage services in Rhode Island.

We are unique and far more advanced than our competitors.

Envoyz App

The industry's only web based app connecting qualified buyers with sellers.

Envoyz Social Media

The industry's only social media platform connecting qualified buyers with sellers.

Professional Buyers

We have the industry's only network of professional buyers seeking quality businesses.

Experienced Buyers

We have unique techniques to locate and work with experienced buyers in your industry.

Buyer Connections

We can reach virtually 100% of business buyers because we know where they go to buy.

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel on YouTube TV further generates buyers seeking self employement.

Online Podcasts

We develop live and recorded podcasts to further generate buyers seeking opportunity.

NAABB Certification

All of our brokers have achieved and maintain an NAABB Certified Broker designation.

  • Business owners who attempt to sell their business on their own do not realize the harm they cause the business, the many pitfalls they will encounter, and the time and energy required. Maintaining confidentiality is critical and absolutely impossible when selling a business yourself. When represented by Perfect Fit Business Alliance you can be assured that confidentiality will be strictly protected, only qualified buyers will be brought to you, and your energy can be put toward running your business until it is sold.

  • The importance of confidentiality always during the sales process is the most important ingredient in the successful sale of an existing business. This IS NOT a real estate transaction where real estate is posted on public MLS services for everyone to find. This is a business with employees, customers, competition and possibly landlords and creditors. By making a business for sale public, all of the above mentioned entities associated with the business for sale will be thrown into a cause and effect flow that will permanently harm the business being sold.

  • All buyers that Perfect Fit Business Alliance introduces to you will be thoroughly qualified through - Experience, Liquidity and Credit. We qualify all buyers using the requirements established by lenders, so that getting financing will not be a stumbling block.

  • Perfect Fit Business Alliance uses the same formula for determining the Market Value of a business that lenders use. That is: True Cash Flow + Inventory (at your cost) + FF&E (at market value) = Market Value of the Business. Cash flow is the true profit of the business. It doesn't benefit you to inflate the price, because lenders will not finance it.

Our Professional Associations.

We work with and are backed by the best industry associations.

Buyer Connections

Full use of BizBuySell

Buyer Connections

Full use of Bizquest


NAABB Certified Broker

High End Buyers

Full use of Deal Stream


This is a very detail orientated process and all NAABB Certified Brokers bring structure and discipline to every project.

NAABB Statement

We work every day because we want to get our seller clients to closing. This is a very detail orientated process and as NAABB Certified Brokers, we bring structure and discipline to every project. We don't "list" businesses rather we represent them! Without our expertise, Business Sellers don't understand the importance of confidentiality, buyer qualification or buyer financing. Business Sellers do not know where to find and target buyers nor navigate the difficult mine field before closing. We earn of fee by getting our sellers to closing!

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Success Rate

Limited businesses (45%)
45% Complete
Quality Businesses (75%)
75% Complete
Cash Businesses (65%)
65% Complete
Mid-Sized Businesses (100%)
100% Complete

Confidentiality Guarantee

We will protect your confidentiality before - during - even after the sale.

Representation Guarantee

We will stand side by side with you at all times; from tours till the closing.

Buyer Guarantee

We will only work with qualified buyers and never deceive buyers or sellers.

No Upfront Fee Guarantee

We will never charge you an upfront fee from retainer fees to marketing fees to listing fees.

NAABB Broker Certification

by North American Alliance of Business Brokers

We are trained and certified by the North American Alliance of Business Brokers. Our NAABB Certification demonstrates that we have completed the industry's most comprehensive certification process!

THE DIFFERENCE: We are a one stop shop with a unique service for every situation.But most important is that we do not "list" businesss rather we represent them. Understanding the emotions of selling a business is at the core of our services!

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Confidentiality is Priority #1. Our 1-on-1 philosophy is a unique systematic approach to selling a business. The business owner becomes an integral part of the process because who knows their business better than them? We act as their business agent with the business owner as the star meaning we represent their interests allowing them to present their business.

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Business Seller Representation Private Area!

We provide a secure and comprehensive coaching / support web area.


You will have 24/7 access to the industry's only Business Seller coaching area.

Be prepared to work hard on selling your business while experiencing various pitfalls that may seriously stress you. There is no perfect business to sell so the work involved in selling your business is intensive and full of legal issues and agreements. business owners who try to sell his or herself eventually find that they get in too deep into areas where they have no knowledge or experience. At this point this business is almost surely suffering because not only has the confidentiality not been protected, but the owner's time has been taken away from running the business, and placed on trying to manage their business for sale process.

Understanding Buyers

Coaching videos to understand your buyers and the general questions buyers will have for you.

A buyer who is not qualified will only destroy a deal somewhere in the process. A buyer not qualified has no ability to follow through even after an offer has been accepted. This is the single greatest deal killer among business owners attempting to sell a business on their own.

Just because a buyer wants to buy a business does not mean that they can buy a business. There are two types of buyers, the qualified buyers and the dream seekers. Unfortunately, with owners selling on their own - the dream seekers do not exit the closet until it's too late. Qualified buyers are so important.

Understanding Your Valuation

Coaching video about understanding your cash flow. One of the truly confusing aspects of a business owner trying to sell on his or her own, is that of what value to place on the business. Such thoughts as it is what I need to retire on, or it's what I put into it are not methods for determining what a business is worth on the market.

Cash flow is profit before taxes. It is what the owner is truly making. Cash Flow is determined by taking the Net Profit or Loss from the tax returns then "adding back" to the Net Profit or Loss any non-essential, non-business related or paper expenses (amortization, depreciation and interest). There are additional "add backs" like one-time expenses or payroll expenses on an employee no longer with the business - just to name a couple.

The Process

Coaching video walking you through the process so you know what to expect and when.

We earn our fee through expertise, hard work, networking and sales. We are experts at getting you to close. We also limit the number of business for sale listings that we take so the fee is earned ands well deserved for the time and dedication we put into it. We are trained and certified business brokers. A business broker is hired by a business owner to sell his or her business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers. NEVER any up front fees - we earn it by only getting paid if the business for sale closes. We represent you - the seller - from buyer qualification right through to the closing.